The Charity Community Super Duper Cup

Seems one of my first predictions for the forthcoming season was totally wrong. Arteta to barely make the starting eleven?  The Spanish midfielder with Lego hair, has been made full blown club captain.

If we needed a pointer of how we were going to perform against the big clubs this season,  we could do worse than look at the Community Shield result against the blue half  of Mancunia.

I doubt any of us Gooners saw a comprehensive 3-0 win on the cards. After the thrashing of FC Curly Watts, the Mancs were bleating on the radio phone ins,  that the English Super Cup was a total irrelevance and that it would be the only silverware that Arsenal would win this season.

That to me sounds like a gang of pikeys who live on frozen food from Iceland and Mayfair super kings, spitting fizzy pop and toffee infused phlegm into the street whilst driving in the middle of the road causing traffic jam chaos due to the low speed of their mobility scooters, who’s fortunes suddenly turn around due to a lotto win, only for the community to take away their new found wealth and invest it in a horse sanctuary.

All three goals were great, Santi and Rambo’s finishes were well taken, but Giroud’s was just fu**ing nutty as all f**k. Giroud has had a bit of  a shitty sticky pointed in his general direction recently.  I don’t really understand why. The poor bastard must be knackered after playing so many games last season and under the huge responsibility that was bestowed upon him regarding getting the Gooner’s goals he did as well as a not quite first rate striker could under the circumstances.

Citeh fans were also claiming that the team that Arsenal pulverised,  was not their first choice eleven.

Well it was the first choice eleven, because the eleven c**ts your manager picked were the first eleven on that day. What a stupid thing to say.

We can only beat what’s put in front of us, so we did, now go bollocks you Styrofoam cup tea swilling  shit machines, back to your silly prefabs and rain with you. Besides if you want to go down that road we didn’t play our German world cup winners.

The lad Chambers had a blinder, he looks like a major signing and Sanchez’s physicality and work rate was a major plus to complement his skill on the ball.

Predictions anyone? Champions? Mmm, more chance of me eating out Allan Sugar’s Dinner Dumper  or Handy Dave knocking one out over a signed portrait of Justin Edinburgh.

I would take the FA cup again in a heart beat and an earthquake in N17 to boot.




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