A Champions League qualifier is normally a tight as arseholes affair as their is so much at stake. Besiktas made it known last night they didn’t fancy playing in the same European competition as Spurs either and if their striker was on target would have had a decent lead to take into the second leg next week.
Demba Ba, who, if we are honest, should be in his second season with us, showed cunning and guile, but also showed why he was allowed to leave Chelsea. He brings an awful lot to a team, but unfortunately he doesn’t bring loads of goals, which is his job.
We have a similar vibe going on up front for our club. Giroud did wonders last year, considering the huge burden he had to carry as our only fit, out and out goslscorer. But we knackered him out, and we needed a new striker last season and we still need one. Unless Alexis Sanchez is going to be played down the middle, but he isn’t a striker either.
Seeing Mario Mandzukic in an Athletic Madrid shirt gives me the right hump. Proven goal scorer, European competition experience, scores loads of goals… No, not right for Arsene.
Oh well, we will wait and see, it’s far too early for me to throw a shit storm of a mood about about how the Frenchman doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Wilshire looked above average, which compared to watching him in other games in recent times is a marked imorovement. I so want Jack to play out of his skin and have a wonderful season, but what if, we have already seen the best of him? That may sound a little over the top, but in England we are very effective at using our young players far too much and far too early burning out their future potential. Look at the amount of talented youngsters that have turned into great pros, but not players that in thirty years time we would talk about down the boozer. Joe Cole is the big one for me. Cole was a huge talent, England thought so too, so they included him in every game if he was fit, but they player him out of position again and again, and the nation wondered why Joe wasn’t fulfilling his potential. Even Rooney seems to have hit his peak, dare I say Walcott too? Although Theo has looked more and more of a matchwinner in recent times. Thank God Ross Barkley stayed at Everton, when fit

he will play in his correct position, but he’s another one I can see the national team fucking up.

Listening to the wireless last night, a journo talked about Chambers being an England centre back to partner Cahill against Norway. Hold you hard boy, slow you down. What the f**k, are you insane? The kid is obviously a talent, but the reason he is playing is because Per is not back from World Cup winners rest, which should be the official line from the Arsenal because it sounds amazing.
Alexis made a nice run into the box, Ramsey got sent off late on for a second bookable offence, which looked very harsh, Giroud continued to look off form and Chamberlain came on and hit the post.
It wasn’t bollocks, but it wasn’t Jo Guest’s arse in her prime either.


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