Lucky Arsenal, sort of.

Everton away, always a tough one. It’s even tougher since the future Arsenal manager, Roberto Martinez, took the reins of the blue half of Scouseland. Come the end of the season, the Toffees will be there or thereabouts in the hunt for Champions League qualification, most probably, right next to us.

I must admit at the relief I felt when I saw the team line up, playing Sanchez up front, looked like a brave move from our manager. But as it turns out it was a massive boat of shit of an idea. Wenger decided to play Sanchez as a false no. 9. At least I hope I did, because if he didn’t then Sanchez is f**kin’ toilet. The lil’ lad buzzed around trying to bring the midfield into the game throughout the first half, but it didn’t work out for him or us, in fact it was an unmitigated disaster. Everton were 2-0 ahead at the break and they utterly deserved their lead. Ozil had been woeful, the defence, without the injured Koscielny, looked all at sea. 

When Giroud was introduced, I kind of laughed. A kind of laugh which isn’t really like a laugh at all, more of a scoff, if that word can still be used in the 21st century, without receiving a beating from a gang of little c**ts in shiny tracksuits outside a provincial shopping mall.

Giroud, is not the answer to our striker question, but right now he’s the best we’ve got, by a mile. Sanogo is crocked, oh and on top of that, he hasn’t scored a goal in a competitive football match for us since he joined the club and to me Sanchez just isn’t a striker at all – he’s a winger or an inside forward and that’s fine, but where are the goals going to come from?

Ramsey our wonderful leader in all but armband, snatched one back making the score 2-1.

Bringing us level; – It wasn’t the magic of Ozil or the determination and skill of Wilshire or any other player, but the chirpy little geezer Cazorla. My lad’s favourite player, and why not? The number 19 has had a couple of blinding seasons for us, and against Everton, it was his tenacity around the box, like a bluebottle hanging around a huge dog shit, that made the goal. Giroud scored the header, sandwiched between two Everton defenders, who kind of jumped in unison, but were also asleep in unison too. 2-2 in the last minute. Lucky as all f**k. 

Giroud then got crocked, and for once instead of hoping he was ok, I jumped out of Handy Dave’s oily lazy boy (must be his porn chair), screaming, “Now buy a striker you prick”. I wanted him injured, not to teach our management team a lesson, but to inject some enthusiasm into the final week of the transfer window.

We have to buy a striker now!

Giroud is rumoured to be out for three months. Get back in there for Remy, I reckon.  He’s experienced in the Premier League and decent. Loic Remy is better than Giroud and they could share the goal scoring responsibilities once the silly haired bloke is back from injury. Everyone else who is being touted around as a potential recruit is way out of our financial league and I wont waste your time on the LIES! 

Handy was pleased with the Everton result. He keeps banging on that we have the killer instinct that we have lacked in the last few seasons. He must be pissed again, because in our cup run, last year, we showed that we were quite capable of playing shit football and grinding out results…. The average Arsenal fan, I have learnt is a professional bullshitter (to themselves), but it is also important to add that the average Arsenal fan is as close to superhuman as a football fan can get. If Mark E Smith was an Arsenal fan he would say “Who ah to be ah Gooner ah” . 


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