Sanchez the saviour.

After the complaint that Alexis Sanchez is a winger or an inside forward aiker, the Chilean international played an absolute stormer against Besiktas, in the second leg of the Champions League qualifier.

As what has become the norm this season we scored in added time. 46 minutes, Wilshire attacking the box, Flamini getting involved with a header, Wilshire again, then Sanchez firing in from just inside the area. Priceless? Well no, abot 30 million quids worth and Sanchez has  helped secure Champions League group football for Arsenal, for the 17th consecutive year.

The game, just like the first leg could have easily gone either way. Besiktas looked to have been unlucky on two penalty shouts. Their manager, Slaven Bilic, in the stands due to suspension from the touch line, looked like he was about to explode at the injustice of it all, and when you think of what is at stake, it’s not really a surprise.

Debauchy got a second yellow card 15 minutes from time and in doing so awarded Arsenal their second red card of the tie, with Rambo being sent off last week. Not only that, the French international came back onto the pitch after the final whistle to remonstrate with the referee. How UEFA will deal with that one is anyone’s guess.

Besiktas fans will feel very hard done by, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they lost and it is our club’s name in in the pot for the next part of the adventure and quest for the ellusive European Cup, but after watching that game, if I was a supporter of Besiktas,  I would probably think some conspiracy  had kept us out of the group stages.

Anyway our Champions League group looks very daunting. Luckily there are no gigantic Iberian bastards who manage to dodge transfer embargoes and the like, but we still have to face the Yellow Wall of Dortmund again, plus Galarasaray and what one would think, the group whipping boys, Anderlecht.



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