He’s signed a f**king striker!

Arsene Wenger showed me, that’s for sure. There he was on a jolly with the Catholic church and refereeing a charity football match in Rome and I thought, charity that’s nice, Arsene, but on transfer deadline day? Are you mental mate?

Turns out that Arsene, like the fairer sex can do more than one thing at any one time. Among all the last day dealings, the lad seems to have pulled one right off, so to speak. Danny Welbeck, is not a player that has scored a lot of goals, which means he will fit right in with our striker philosophy at the Arsenal, but he is undoubtedly a very talented player, who has bags of experience playing at the top level. Man United let him go for under twenty million quid, because for some reason they now only buy second rate galacticos, and fair play to them, some bunch of mugs have to pay 350 grand a week to a injury prone player, old Danny was not in Luis Van Gaal’s thoughts. Good, the delusions of grandeur tosser does not deserve him. 

It will be good to see him play with a decent team who will give him a run of games. I mean if Sanogo can start at Arsenal, Welbeck is a shoe in and no mistake. What if, Danny is the answer? That would be right tasty. Like a McDonald’s Big Tasty, which when you bite into, miraculously doesn’t taste like you are giving a sewage pipe a blow job.


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