Back on the North Bank after my fantastic holiday and hanging out with my chums, wow what a life. Gotta love it, eh? The Turks turned up en masse, as you would expect, with the republic of North London being a hot bed of Turkish goings on and they made a great racket in the clock end, even throwing flares about and onto the pitch, giving it a real European footy night feel, instead of the rather sterile environment vibe that Ashburton Grove can some times give off on mid week matches.

It was a great night of football, if you are a gooner, anyway. Welbeck scoring a hattrick, Sanchez adding to his tally, Ozil playing well, Chambers, again looking solid and Sczesny getting sent off.

The arrogant one with the dreadful haircut was given a red card after bringing down a player in the area and the newbie Ospina was put in goal. Ospina couldn’t save the ensuing penalty, but he did pull off some remarkable acrobatics making some great saves. I’d love to see him nail down the number 1 position and freeze out the pole. Sczesny may have improved in recent seasons, but he is still capable of utter shiteness and some true competition for the onion bag guard has been needed for some time. Fabianksi may have redeemed himself with last seasons cup run, but he will not be missed, but the lad Ospina, looks quality.

Welbeck’s massive smile as he scored his hattrick and stood arms aloft, in front of the North Bank, was just wonderful to witness, it’d be massive to see him press on from here and show United what a grave fu**in’ mistake they have made. He is reading the passes from midfield very well and his pace is frightening. Handy was so happy he ran to the front of the Bank, and tried to share his KP Skips with him.

Sanchez survived a monstrous tackle and the other major news was Gala’s amazing away kit, purple with orangey gold trim, proper monster.


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