“Go on Chels, Go on Chels”. Oh f**k off…

F**king Chelsea. I hate the club, its players, the place, the people… The strangest thing about Chelsea FC is that if you spent the day in the area known as Chelsea, you would think that CFC is a rugby club. What with all the posh wa**ers dressed as if they are going hunting and ripping about in 4x4s. But most people forget that Chelsea football club is in Fulham, another posh area, but not quite as snooty nosed as Chelsea proper and it’s also home to one of London’s greatest streets, the North End Road. You can get pretty much anything you want or need on the North End Road, as long as it isn’t real.

Chelsea supporters; they are the coked up, badly dressed (still wearing Stone Island and Henri LLoyd when the rest of the casual community has moved on) and loud twats who when in a  pub call their club ‘CHELS’ “Goo on Chels, go on my son”. How a football club can be your son, is anyone’s guess, but a Chelsea fan is likely to call his nan, son. Odder still they will call their fathers son too.

Because they have spent load and loads of money they seem to think winning stuff is their right and the stroll around as if they are the kings of all the football kingdom. They have very short memories, though, and forget that before a criminal invested billions into their club, they supported a great stack of shit.

I got a ticket from one Chelsea fan I can abide, Boon (son), but since the game I haven’t spoken to him and I probably wont until we finally beat them, which may be in about five years.

Mourinho, the weazle, has made it his lot in life to be a bully and a shit to our manager. It’s beyond pathetic, but as much as Wenger pretends that it doesn’t ruffle his feathers, it clearly does and this match that annoyance boiled over to the point where Wenger pushed the little one. It wasn’t exactly Ali versus Foreman, but he got his point across, which from his body language translated as “Why don’t you just f**k off you horrible little c**t”.

Sanchez had been two footed tackled for the second time in as many games, with Chelsea obviously finding the Chilean our only threat.This pissed Wenger off and off he trotted to see if his player was ok, Mourinho confronted him because he walked near/or in his technical area, Wenger pushed the pesky f**er out of the way. As there is a history of niggles between the two, both have been grown up enough to shrug it off, so I suppose the supporters should too. Still, I would have loved Arsene to have stuck Mourinho’s head into a vat of boiling baboon shit, if such a vat had been close by during the altercation.

Boon son, who got me the ticket, did his weird victory jig which he does whenever Chelsea score against Arsenal and I am in the vicinity. He kind of does a truffle shuffle, moving his hands around his boat with his thumbs up, whilst making a noise which is a cross between Blakey off of On the Busses and Roland Rat. They won 2-0. Let’s not talk about it.


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