A Hulluva lot of shite

Wow. We are lucky and pony! Another last gasper draw against a team that on paper we should be handing their lungs to before we even leave the player’s tunnel.

We as a club are all over the gaff. Our fitness situation is a joke, with so many injuries already this season. The biggest gaff being that of Ozil, playing him when he said he had a niggling complaint, but wanted to play on. Errr. Are you going to listen to a player about their fitness? Fuck’s sake, so he played the remainder of the Chelsea game injured and is now PROPER fuckin’ injured, out until the new year. And it wasn’t our staff that came to that decision either. Ozil was pronounced DOA by the German national team during the international break, which looks a tad shady and shit our end.

We are also the most expensive team in the UK and the majority of the planet to watch, but fans knew that already. The press went mad, but we’ve known our club is a greedy for years. It’s that greed which keeps Wenger in a job too, Champions League qualification is glory and glamour aplenty for our board of directors, it keeps the wedge fully stacked and our club is one that doesn’t like change, the same old same old is what they like in the board room. Consistency above all else, little risk and comfy cushions. They dress the club up as being innovative, fresh, forward thinking, but that is total bollocks. In Wenger’s early years, that is exactly what we were, the most forward thinking club in the top division, but we have rested on those laurels and have been left behind by the other big teams now we have become stale and naieve. Wenger changed Arsenal for the better and brought us victories we could have only dreamed of, but as ruthless as it sounds, he’s done that now, it’s time for the next chapter. Wenger has not added to his revolution, maybe that is down to finance, who knows, but there has just been so many wasted opportunities. This year they are glaring us and him in the face, in fact they were before the start of the season too, yet they still remain on the back burner. A central defender and a defensive midfielder. These are canyon sized holes in our squad. Flamini is not the defensive midfielder we need, he is in fact a liability with the amount of fouls he gives away and his lack of pace. Arteta, is the same, the club skipper is just not up to it, but the biggest hole is in the heart of our defence. If one of our first choice centre backs get crocked, we have no back up and if we are truly honest about our centre backs, the vice skipper is not really up to it either, the BFG is a personal favorite of mine, but is he a Champions League starting centre back? I don’t think so.

So this game was a re-run of last season’s FA cup final. Luckily for us, Hull coudn’t defend a lead again. During the international break, Wilshire played very well for England, and he carried on in that rich vein of form against the Tigers, Sanchez setting him up from a cross only five minutes in, but the cheeky chappie couldn’t keep his header on target. But this encouraging start by him continued and along with Sanchez he had a good game as did Cazorla and Welbeck. We went 1-0 up through Sanchez just before the quarter of an hour mark, but Diame equalised just four minutes later. Hernandez made it 2-1 with a header and it required the late, late show once again. Welbeck scored the equauliser in stoppage time.

A hugely dissapointing result from a team that looked lost and confused. A fan base divided and a board which couldn’t give a fuck as long as we end fourth. All is not rosy at the corporate footy mecca of steel and glass with the huge superstore and the airline’s name with the massively overpriced tickets.


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